Jakarta, Hariansemarang.com – Per 1 April 2018, the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) starts to implement their new regulation on e-Filing mandatory for monthly Tax Return of Tax Income Article 21/26 and VAT (Value Added Tax), accordance with regulation from Minister of Finance (MoF) 9/PMK/.03/2018, issued on 26 January 2018. The regulation background is to support the effort to ease of doing business by modernizing and simplifying companies’ administration process in managing their monthly Tax Return.


As replacement from previous MoF 243/PMK.03/2014, the new regulation highlight the mandatory changes from previous common practice, which to manually submit monthly Tax Return to Tax Office, become to e-Filing model. Companies who do not report their tax through e-Filing will not be considered completing their tax return submission.


Based on new MoF, article 8 paragraph (2a), OnlinePajak is one of the official e-Filing provider, approved by DGT. Electronic Tax Receipt (BPE) and Electronic Tax Proof Number (NTTE) from OnlinePajak are legitimated and official.


Aligned with the mission to encourage Indonesia economic growth and development through supporting government in achieving their tax revenue target, OnlinePajak, a Fintech company that managed Indonesian tax until more than IDR 43 trillions in 2017, offers solutions for taxpayers to reduce companies’ administration burden. Has been trusted by more than 500,000 users, including 80 thousand companies across Indonesia, OnlinePajak provides an integrated web-based application for more effective and efficient tax management.


“We believe that one key success factor for simplifying tax management is technology innovation. e-Filing by OnlinePajak is a legitimated proof of our contribution in helping taxpayer to fulfil their tax obligation,” explained Charles Guinot, Founder and Direction of OnlinePajak.


OnlinePajak facilitates its users to track their tax receipts anytime needed due to a safe and protected document  management system. In addition, e-Filing OnlinePajak is applicable for all kind of taxes with various payment status so any companies with different background and size are able to file this feature for free.


Another advantage of e-Filing from OnlinePajak is the ability to file taxes in CSV format. Through this feature, user can upload their CSV report automatically from e-SPT application to OnlinePajak, so the next process is going to be only in a one click. For big corporations, OnlinePajak offers e-Filing Bulk Upload facility. This feature allows user to upload their multiple CSV report in the same time, including for different type of companies’ monthly Tax Return and Tax Payer Registration Number.


“We completely support government’s tax reformation for better Indonesia’s tax compliances. We ensure that all taxpayers will receive the Electronic Tax Receipt (BPE) / Electronic Tax Proof Number (NTTE), official from DGT.”


Zero Amount monthly Tax Return PPh Article 21/26 and VAT are Unnecessary to be Reported  


MoF 9/PMK/.03/2018 also states a condition of no obligation to report Monthly Tax Return PPh Article 21/26, PPh Article 25, and VAT with zero amount of payable tax, except for December tax period. That means, employers with  employees’ income under Non Taxable income (PTKP) are unnecessary to report Tax Return. In addition, taxpayers who do not have transaction with VAT or do have certain VAT transaction such as VAT of Own Construction, VAT of Offshore Services are also not applicable for Tax Return report. (red-HS33/hms).

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